Bearing Heaters

Bearing heaters are used to quickly and evenly increase the temperature of bearings via induction heating, which makes it easier to mount them onto a shaft. Most bearing heaters come in 230V and 110V versions.


What are bearing heaters used for?

Bearing heaters form part of the tools suite used when repairing or building power transmissions. They make it possible to install bearings without having to execute force using hand tools, which can cause damage.

You can also use bearing heaters to heat other components, like gears, pulleys, bushings and shrink rings, as long as the heated parts form a closed electrical circuit. 


Types of bearing heaters

Induction coil bearing heaters and portable bearing induction heaters are the main types available.


Coil bearing heaters distribute heat evenly onto bearings with an interference fit mounting. The attached coil is on the outside of the heater component, resulting in reduced heating periods and efficient energy consumption.


Portable induction heaters are lightweight, quiet and do not magnetise components. These heaters are suitable for bearings of up to 4.5kg.

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RS-stocknr. 448-7164
FabrikantnummerTMBH 1
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100 → 240V ac 100mm 20mm
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230V ac 100mm -
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230V ac 300mm 20mm
RS-stocknr. 845-9564
FabrikantnummerTIH100M 230V
€ 3.666,10
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200 → 240V 400mm 20mm
RS-stocknr. 680-8018
€ 2.522,28
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110V ac 300mm 20mm