Linear Plain Bearings

Linear plain bearings are bearing elements for translation type motion (motion along a path). Unlike roller bearings, linear plain bearings move on a shaft or static guideway, as opposed to on movable component slides. Depending on the type of guiding system, the sliding layer is applied to the rigid or movable component.

Types of linear plain bearings

Linear plain bearings are available in a wide range of sizes and material types, suited to different applications. They come in three main configurations: closed, open and split.

What are linear plain bearings used for?

Linear plain bearings are resistant to shock and contamination. They offer high static load capacity and low wear, and make little noise. These characteristics make them suitable for applications where the bearing position must be low maintenance or maintenance free, or where lubrication is either impermissible or undesirable. They are found in in everyday applications including:

  • Printers
  • Lab equipment
  • Thermoperformance
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Welding machines
  • Stone saws and heavy-duty cutters
  • Assembly and inspection stations
  • Seat adjustment and shock absorption

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Omschrijving Prijs Linear Plain Bearing Type Configuration Flanges Inside Diameter Outside Diameter Length Dynamic Load Rating Static Load Rating
RS-stocknr. 308-0879
FabrikantnummerLPBR 12
€ 17,65
Aantal stuks
Plain Closed - 12mm 19mm 28mm 965N 3350N
RS-stocknr. 308-0936
FabrikantnummerLPAR 12
€ 30,88
Aantal stuks
Plain Closed - 12mm 22mm 32mm 965N 3350N
RS-stocknr. 308-0920
FabrikantnummerLPBR 30
€ 27,17
Aantal stuks
Plain Closed - 30mm 40mm 50mm 17000N 4800N
RS-stocknr. 308-0914
FabrikantnummerLPBR 25
€ 21,97
Aantal stuks
Plain Closed - 25mm 35mm 40mm 12000N 3400N
RS-stocknr. 308-0908
FabrikantnummerLPBR 20
€ 20,77
Aantal stuks
Plain Closed - 20mm 28mm 30mm 2080N 7350N
RS-stocknr. 308-0964
FabrikantnummerLPAR 20
€ 46,42
Aantal stuks
Plain Closed - 20mm 32mm 45mm 2400N 8300N
RS-stocknr. 308-0885
FabrikantnummerLPBR 16
€ 19,40
Aantal stuks
Plain Closed - 16mm 24mm 30mm 1530N 5400N
RS-stocknr. 308-0970
FabrikantnummerLPAR 25
€ 58,88
Aantal stuks
Plain Closed - 25mm 40mm 58mm 4000N 14000N