Cylinder Guides

Cylinder guides are pneumatic devices used to generate motion in various applications. They are used for moving products directly or indirectly by pulling, pushing, lifting, rotating and lowering. Cylinder guides can also keep products from moving by clamping them in place.

How do cylinder guides work?

The basic cylinder guide consists of a sealed tube with openings on one or both sides. A rod attached to an internal piston extends through an opening on the tube. The cylinder is then supplied with compressed air using a pneumatic regulator, causing it and the rod to move and act upon the load.

By creating linear motion using a piston and rod assembly, cylinder guides can accurately position light loads and produce fast speed and smooth movements. Cylinder guides come in various designs and variations to suit different applications.

What are cylinder guides used for?

Cylinder guides are commonly used in applications that require precise guidance despite high load capacities. Typical applications include:

  • Stoppers in automatic lines
  • Positioning operations
  • Transferring workpieces

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RS-stocknr. 703-6740
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MNI 12mm 200mm
RS-stocknr. 703-6744
€ 286,93
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MNI 25mm 200mm
RS-stocknr. 703-6952
€ 320,69
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TRB 40mm 400mm
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