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    Replacement Hydraulic Filter Elements

    Replacement hydraulic filter elements are used in the maintenance and repair of filter systems. The filter element is the most important part of a filter system as it's here that the actual filtration happens. They consist of filtration and support layers around filter support cores. End caps seal the mesh packs. The hydraulic fluid flows through the filter elements and solid particles are trapped in the mesh. Replacement hydraulic filter elements can filter lubricants, industrial fluids and gases.

    What are replacement hydraulic filter elements used for?

    Replacement hydraulic filter elements are used to support the safe and efficient working of protection mechanisms. They extend the service life of machinery and pumps by preventing damaging particles getting into them. They're used across all industrial and manufacturing environments and regular replacement is recommended.

    Types of replacement hydraulic filter elements

    Common configurations include radial and axial flowing, cored and cordless as well as high- or low-pressure elements. Filter flow patterns through these elements are usually from the outside inwards, but you get inward-to-outward, top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top variants. They can be designed for coarse or fine filtering and made from cellulose, wire mesh or even glass.

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