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    Recoil Hoses

    Recoil hoses are a pneumatic hose device that is designed to allow you to attach pieces of pneumatic equipment together so that pressurised air can be transported from one place to another. Recoil hoses look very similar to traditional telephone wires with lots of small twists and the coils will shrink back when you let go of the hose for easy storage and helps keep working environments tidy and free of hoses when not in use.

    Recoil hoses are available with a range of connections types and also with no connections fitted and are usually lightweight and durable. The hoses flexibility and weight make them easy to coil up and store.

    Recoil hoses can come with connection types, depending on what it needs to be connected to, as well as different numbers of coils. These hoses are also available in different lengths and diameters and can be made from a range of different materials including nylon, PUR and TPE.

    Choosing which type of recoil hose to use in your system will depend on whether you require greater flexibility, a more lightweight material, high temperature resistance, or want to prioritise some other factor. RS have a great range of pneumatic equipment  including recoil hoses and other accessories which can support all pneumatic applications.

    Applications of recoil hoses

    Recoil hoses are widely used in a range of applications such as;

    • Pneumatic control
    • Instrumentation lines
    • Robotics
    • Industrial
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