Glue Guns

Hot Glue Guns are tools used for adhesive applications on different materials including paper, cardboard, ceramic, glass, metal, plastic, rubber, wood, etc. They offer high quality and safe melt glue bonding wherever the use of hot glue is an option. Thanks to the simple and comfortable design, Glue Guns are easy to operate.

How do glue guns work?

They work by heating a glue stick until it becomes viscous, then by squeezing the gun trigger the molten glue is applied to the surface. These are also known as hot melt adhesive (HMA) sticks. The glue will then cool and solidify in a matter of seconds and usually fully cured within 1 minute.

Where glue guns are typically used?

Hot Glue Guns are ideal for:

  • Prototyping

  • Engineering

  • Repairing

  • Assembly applications

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Omschrijving Prijs Type Glue Stick Size Corded/Cordless Cord Type Plug Type Model Flow Rate Heater Power Voltage Rating
RS-stocknr. 704-2698
FabrikantTEC Glue Guns
€ 127,52
Aantal stuks
Hot Melt 12mm Corded - Type C - European Plug Tec810 2kg/h 250W 230V
RS-stocknr. 704-2708
FabrikantnummerTEC810 / T195
FabrikantTEC Glue Guns
€ 162,88
1 Kit
- - Corded - Type G - British 3-pin Tec810 2kg/h 250W -