Workbench Accessories

While you may have found the perfect workbench for your workshop, you may find that you can sometimes need something just a little bit more. Our range of workbench accessories at RS Components have been chosen for the additional functionality they can bring to your workbench when you need it most.

Workbench accessories can range from the small, such as document holders, footrests and mounting brackets, to the large, including trolleys, dividers and perforated panels. To help take your workstation to the next level without having to invest in a brand-new workbench, choose from our workbench accessories to help you reach your optimum ability and capacity.

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Omschrijving Prijs Accessory Type Material Height Width Depth For Use With
RS-stocknr. 363-4280
FabrikantnummerACC D 0004
FabrikantTiro Clas
€ 42,58
Aantal stuks
Foot Rest Steel 40mm 40 mm, 1120 mm 40mm Work Benches