Pneumatic T Fittings

Pneumatic tee threaded-to-tube adaptors are T-shaped fittings that use a push-in mechanism to safely and securely connect two pipes, tubing or hoses to a threaded port. They are used in compressed air or gas applications

Features and benefits of pneumatic tee threaded-to-tube adaptors

They may include:

  • Full bore design (the flow within the pipe or tubing isn't restricted at all)
  • Low leak rate, making them reliable and safe
  • Automatic seal in both dynamic and static situations
  • Push-in assembly – easy and quick to install with no tools are required
  • Variety of sizes and configurations depending on your tube size, etc.
  • Usually made from nickel-plated metal for durability and corrosion resistance
  • Compact in design – they can be used within a confined space

Pneumatic tee threaded-to-tube adaptor applications

Pneumatic tee threaded-to-tube adaptors are suitable for vacuum or pressure applications. They convert push-in to threaded type connections, and provide the essential link between components in any pneumatic system. Pneumatic systems can be used in plumbing or fixed installations, such as in factory settings.

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