Ionising Air Guns

Ionising air guns are used to neutralise the static charges on materials and surfaces and are often used in clean rooms. They blow ionised compressed air across surfaces in order to clean them. This process helps prevent dust and dirt particles from becoming re-attracted and keeps surfaces cleaner for longer.

Ionising air guns are an effective way to obtain a high level of cleanliness where static is a concern, and require a high voltage to operate.

What are ionising air guns used for?

Ionising air guns are a good way of neutralising static and removing contaminants from three dimensional parts before assembling, painting, finishing or packaging.

Types of ionising air guns

Ionising air guns are available as hand held guns or fixed nozzle appliances. They can be operated by hand or by foot pedals. Hose lengths can be varied to suit the operating environment and allow you to reach where required. Ionising air guns commonly operate anywhere between 20psi and 100psi.

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Omschrijving Prijs Type Activation Type Voltage Hose Length Maximum Air Pressure Minimum Air Pressure Complies with EN 61340-5-1 Power Source
RS-stocknr. 684-2958
FabrikantDesco EMIT
€ 1.074,32
Aantal stuks
Hand Gun Hand Switch 220V ac 7ft 100psi 30psi Yes Mains
RS-stocknr. 918-5611
€ 1.201,12
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Ionized Air Gun Hand Switch 230V ac 2.1m 65psi 20psi Yes Mains
RS-stocknr. 684-2967
FabrikantDesco EMIT
€ 1.133,00
Aantal stuks
Fixed Nozzle Foot Switch 220V ac 5ft 100psi 30psi Yes Mains
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