Communication Ear Defenders

Ear defenders protect you from damaging your hearing when working in noisy environments. Communication ear defenders are a type of ear defender which encase the ear and have built-in speakers in the earpieces. Some also contain a microphone for two way communication. Workers are required to wear ear protection in environments above 85 decibels. Hearing protection is mandatory if the noise is above this level cannot be controlled by alternative measures.

What are communication ear defenders used for?

Communication ear defenders protect the ear whilst also allowing you to communicate with colleagues using compatible equipment. They are used on noisy building sites, in workshops or around rotating plant equipment.

Types of communication ear defenders

Communication ear defenders can be ’listen only’ or ’speak and listen”. "Push-to-speak" and "push-to-listen" ear defenders require you to push a button in-order-to hear or be heard. Noise cancelling microphones reduce the background noise when you are speaking, aiding clarity of communication. Communication ear defenders can use FM radio or Bluetooth in-order-to connect to other compatible devices.

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Omschrijving Prijs Series Single Number Rating SNR Communication Type Features Standards Met Folding Noise Cancelling Microphone FM Radio Bluetooth Tuner Control Volume Control Push to Talk Button Connection Type Product Weight
RS-stocknr. 184-8321
€ 90,66
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WorkTunes 31dB Listen Only - - - - Yes - Yes - - 3.5 mm Jack Plug 369g
RS-stocknr. 184-8316
€ 500,79
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WS Alert Series 30dB Listen Only - - - Yes Yes Yes Yes - Yes Wireless 431g
RS-stocknr. 187-9049
€ 434,95
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WS 30dB Speak & Listen - - - Yes Yes Yes - - - Wireless 431g
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