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    CCTV Cameras

    CCTV Cameras

    CCTV cameras are at the forefront of any security installation. Able to offer real-time surveillance of a particular area when coupled with a monitor, CCTV cameras also typically feed into an on-line or off-line system that records footage for later viewing. CCTV Systems are used extensively wherever there is a possibility of criminal activity or public liability risks.

    Closed-Circuit Television Cameras

    Analogue cameras have the advantage of being directly wired in a closed system. This makes them immune to any kind of remote hacking or signal failure. Though they lack the versatility of digital wireless models, they are a robust and reliable security solution.

    Wireless Digital Security Cameras

    Advances in wireless technology mean that complex security systems can be built around existing Wi-Fi networks. Wire-free cameras can be placed and moved more easily. Wireless security cameras typically use an RF transmitter to feed into an offline recorder, such as a desktop computer. Those systems that utilize a Wi-Fi network have an advantage in that they can be accessed and controlled by a smart device where ever you have Wi-Fi access.

    Outdoor CCTV Cameras

    Weatherproof and vandal-proof CCTV cameras are available for outdoor surveillance, with IP66 protection available. With a sealed and sturdy construction, vandal-resistant cameras offer a low maintenance and reliable security solution.

    Specialist CCTV Cameras

    High-quality surveillance cameras are also available with built-in advantages, such as IR night vision and even integrated motion detection sensors. The RS range contains dome cameras, bullet cameras and even miniature surveillance cameras.

    Controllable CCTV Cameras

    With motorized panning and tilting available, some security cameras can be remotely controlled to allow you to customize and adapt your field of surveillance.

    Dummy CCTV Cameras

    A Dummy CCTV camera is a fake camera made to look like a real CCTV camera. The camera itself will be almost identical to that of a real CCTV camera.

    CCTV Cameras can help support a healthy building by improving Safety & Security

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