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    Door Seals

    A door seal or edging strip is a channel of rubber or plastic that is available with different shaped profiles. They are ideal to prevent drafts. Both door seals and edging strips are fitted onto the edges of panels, doors and windows and offer protection from exposed sharp metal or glass edges. Sealing strips and edging also act as draught excluders and help keep in heat when used around doors and windows. Edging strips, when used in electrical installations, protect cables and wires from abrasion to the outer insulation when they are passed through frames or grids.

    Type of Door Seal and Edging Strips

    Door seals and edging strips are available with different profiles including the most popular U, V and P shapes. Edging and seal materials include EPDM rubber, PVC plastic and foam. Seals are also available with a self-adhesive backing for an easy and secure fit. Some edging strip and seal profiles have added support with internal steel wire inserts.

    Fixing Methods

    Door seals and edging strips are available with different fixing methods:

    • Self-gripping - push on
    • Self-Adhesive backing

    Where are Door Seals and Edging Strips Used?

    These are suitable for use in a wide range of applications:

    • Household doors and windows
    • Electrical installation
    • Shopfitting
    • Joiners
    • Fabrication
    • Workshops
    • Factory floors and machinery
    • Automotive production lines

    Brush strips

    A brush strip is a straight length of extruded aluminium or plastic, known as a carrier or holder. The plastic or aluminium carrier houses a length of filaments or bristles, usually made from black nylon, in the form of a long brush.

    What Does a Brush Strip Do?

    Brush strips are attached to the bottom of a door and act as draught excluders to prevent draughts and keep in the heat. The brush also prevents dust and debris like leaves and litter from entering the threshold of a building or factory from outside.

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