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    Door Latches

    Door latches are mechanical devices used to secure doors and keep them closed. They consist of a movable component, typically a metal or plastic tongue or bolt, and a fixed strike plate or receiver that the tongue engages with when the door is closed. The latch mechanism is usually mounted on the edge of the door, while the strike plate is installed on the door frame.When the door is closed, the tongue of the latch extends into the strike plate, preventing the door from opening unintentionally. The tongue can be retracted by operating a lever or doorknob, allowing the door to be opened. Door latches provide a basic level of security, privacy, and convenience in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

    What are the types of door latches?

    There are different types of door latches available, including:Paddle Latch: A paddle latch is a type of latch that features a wide, flat handle or paddle on one side and a catch or strike plate on the other. When the paddle is pressed or pulled, the latch mechanism engages or disengages, securing or releasing the door or panel.Swell Latch: A swell latch, also known as a push-to-close latch or compression latch, is designed to secure doors, hatches, or compartments by applying pressure to compress a rubber or elastomeric gasket. The latch has a mechanism that, when engaged, creates a seal and provides a watertight or airtight closure.Toggle Latch: A toggle latch, also called a draw latch or over-centre latch, consists of a pivotable metal lever or handle and a catch plate. The lever is operated by pulling or pushing it over-centre, which causes the latch to lock or unlockTubular Latch: A tubular latch, also referred to as a cylindrical latch, is a common type of latch used in residential doors. It is usually installed within the edge of the door and includes a latch bolt that extends into the door frame strike plate to secure the door.Compression Latch: A compression latch is a type of latch that uses a cam or lever mechanism to compress and create a tight seal between a door or panel and its frame. These latches provide high clamping force, ensuring a secure closure.

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