What is a Comparator?

A Comparator is a circuit which accepts two voltages or currents and then switches the output showing which is bigger. Comparators are found in components like analogue to digital converters. Comparators are like operational amplifiers except a comparator is designed to operate with positive feedback and output saturated at one power rail or the other.

How a Comparator works.
A comparator samples two input pins and turns on the output when identifying a difference or similarity.
An example is when you have a minus voltage on the inverting Pin and a plus non-inverting. When the voltage, on the non-inverting equals the inverting voltage the Pin turns on. Normally the output Pin is open and switches to ground when the comparator is activated.

Why use a Comparator?
The primary use of a comparator is converting analog to digital (ADC). Two supply voltage are applied and the difference determines a high or low digital signal.

Types of Comparator.
Current sense, Differential / Dual differential, Dual / Dual CMOS, Dual voltage / General voltage, General purpose, Ground sense, High speed / high-speed CMOS, Low current CMOS, Low power / low voltage / low-power CMOS, Micro power, Nano power, Precision, Push/pull output, Quad differential, Rail to rail, Voltage, Window.

Mounting Types.
Surface mount
Through hole
Comparator power supply types.

Various package types, pins, sizes, channels per chip, PSRR (power supply rejection ratio), CMRR (common mode rejection ratio) are all available.

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Omschrijving Prijs Comparator Type Mounting Type Package Type Power Supply Type Output Type Number of Channels per Chip Typical Response Time Pin Count Typical Single Supply Voltage Dimensions Length Width Height Typical CMRR
RS-stocknr. 761-7945
FabrikantAnalog Devices
€ 5,64
Aantal stuks
Low Power Surface Mount SOIC Dual, Single Push-Pull 2 - 8 40 V 5.004 x 3.988 x 1.498mm 5mm 3.988mm 1.498mm 115dB
RS-stocknr. 799-3255
FabrikantMaxim Integrated
€ 4,04
Each (In a Pack of 2)
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High Speed Through Hole PDIP Single CMOS, TTL 2 - 8 2.7 → 5.5 V 9.91 x 7.87 x 4.45mm 9.91mm 7.87mm 4.45mm 80µV/V
RS-stocknr. 190-6634
FabrikantMaxim Integrated
€ 3,74
Each (In a Pack of 5)
Aantal stuks
Micro Power Comparator Surface Mount QSOP Single Open Drain - - 16 1.6 → 5.5 V 4.98 x 3.99 x 1.65mm 4.98mm 3.99mm 1.65mm 1.5mV/V
RS-stocknr. 787-8655
FabrikantON Semiconductor
€ 0,227
Each (On a Tape of 20)
Aantal stuks
General Purpose Surface Mount MSOP Dual, Single CMOS, DTL, ECL, MOS, TTL 2 1.5µs 8 2 → 36 V dc 3.1 x 3.1 x 0.95mm 3.1mm 3.1mm 0.95mm -
RS-stocknr. 162-4877
€ 0,938
Each (On a Reel of 250)
Aantal stuks
Low Power Surface Mount SOT-23 Dual, Single Push-Pull 1 240µs 5 3 → 15 V 2.9 x 1.6 x 1.15mm 2.9mm 1.6mm 1.15mm 88dB
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