Analogue Development Kits

Analogue development kits are circuit boards that come pre-built with various components and modules for different projects. Their typical applications are to make it easier to achieve an end result. They have a wide variety of uses and purposes. A development kit can also be called an evaluation board.

Audio analogue development kits generally come with a 3.5mm headphone jack to allow the user to listen to what is playing on the board as well as onboard storage to store files.

What can I do with an analogue development kit?

  • Add sounds or music to your design
  • Learn about the relationship between current, voltage and impedance
  • Measure the presence and position of a conductive target object.
  • Research, development and testing of specific components.
  • Convert analogue audio into digital signals.
  • Amplify signal

What types of analogue kits are there?

  • Arduino add-on boards
  • Audio conversion boards - converting, playing and testing audio
  • Microphone boards - small microphones the enhance your project
  • Data loggers - Measure current, voltage, resistance & other data.
  • Active filter boards - Add daughter boards and connect multiple boards for a better result.

Development kits, evaluations boards and starter kits are available from a wide range of supplies such as RS Pro, Analog Devices STMicroelectronics, Silicon Labs, ROHM, MikroElektronika, Microchip and Korg Nutube.

Many development kits need software to run. The software is usually free and downloadable from the respective brand.

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Omschrijving Prijs Analogue Function Kit Classification For Use With Featured Device Kit Name
RS-stocknr. 832-9494
FabrikantAnalog Devices
€ 315,02
Aantal stuks
Comparator Evaluation Board - ADCMP580 -
RS-stocknr. 881-3100
FabrikantAnalog Devices
€ 36,49
Aantal stuks
Operational Amplifier Evaluation Board - - -
RS-stocknr. 794-4689
FabrikantAnalog Devices
€ 21,16
Aantal stuks
Operational Amplifier Evaluation Board LFCSP16 ADA4817-2 -
RS-stocknr. 196-1740
€ 175,50
Aantal stuks
- Development Board Digital Amplifier Control and FFX®-Power Output Stage, Digital Audio Processing STA350BW Sound Terminal™ 2.1 Channel High-Efficiency Digital Audio System Board
RS-stocknr. 188-5502
€ 16,92
Aantal stuks
- - - STSPIN820 STSPIN820 Click
RS-stocknr. 832-9567
FabrikantAnalog Devices
€ 199,68
Aantal stuks
Energy Metering IC Evaluation Board - ADE7753Z -
RS-stocknr. 894-7121
FabrikantSilicon Labs
€ 58,10
Aantal stuks
Current Sensing Amplifier Demonstration Board - TS1109-20 -
RS-stocknr. 121-5923
€ 72,84
Aantal stuks
Power Monitor Evaluation Kit - ISL28022 -
RS-stocknr. 161-0765
FabrikantON Semiconductor
€ 82,10
Aantal stuks
Audio Amplifier Evaluation Board Class D Amplifier System, Mono Audio Power Amplifier System NCP2823 NCP2823AGEVB Evaluation Board
RS-stocknr. 794-6717
FabrikantAnalog Devices
€ 125,34
Aantal stuks
Instrumentation Amplifier Evaluation Board - AD8250 -
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