Temperature Sensors & Humidity Sensors

Temperature sensors are components that directly translate physical temperature into digital information. Likewise, humidity sensors are able to measure atmospheric moisture levels and translate that into digital information. As such, temperature and humidity sensors are essential for environmental monitoring in and around sensitive electronic equipment.

These capabilities make temperature and humidity sensors suitable for a number of applications, such as to maintain environmental conditions in laboratory test and measurement. They might also be used to trigger a shut-down of equipment that might be compromised by over-heat, or moisture exposure such as condensation.

The RS components range offers temperature sensors and humidity sensors from trusted brands, suitable for a variety of applications and calibrations.

Types of Temperature Sensor

• Thermostats and thermocouples are temperature sensors which measure heat generation via voltage output. They are typically robust and inexpensive, and can be used over a wide range of temperatures.

• PT100 sensors measure the resistance deviation of the medium to determine its temperature, and are sometimes called resistance temperature detectors, or RTDs. These sensors are known for their high accuracy and reliability.

• Infrared temperature sensors and thermographic cameras convert thermal radiation to an electrical signal to monitor temperature levels. These are ideal for circumstances where contact sensors cannot be used.

Types of Humidity Sensor

• Capacitive humidity sensors use humidity-dependent condensers to determine moisture output. These sensors are often used to measure relative humidity in air conditioning units and HVAC systems.

• Resistive humidity sensors measure the electrical variation in conductive polymers and treated substrates. Low cost and small of size, these sensors are used in a variety of applications and appliances.

• Thermal conductor humidity sensors calibrate the deviation between the thermal conductivity of dry air versus moist air. Due to their long-term durability and high temperature resistance, these sensors are often used in clothes dryers and ovens.

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Omschrijving Prijs Sensor Function Output Type Interface Type Accuracy Mounting Type Pin Count Minimum Operating Temperature Operating Temperature Range Maximum Operating Temperature Minimum Operating Supply Voltage Maximum Operating Supply Voltage Package Type Length Height
RS-stocknr. 709-5421
FabrikantAnalog Devices
€ 9,12
Aantal stuks
Temperature Analogue Analogue ±1°C Surface Mount 8 -50 °C -50 → +150 °C +150 °C 4 V 6.5 V SOIC 5mm 1.5mm
RS-stocknr. 162-7129
€ 1,165
Each (In a Tube of 75)
Aantal stuks
Temperature Digital Serial-I2C, SMBus ±1°C Surface Mount 8 -55 °C -55 → +127 °C +127 °C 2.7 V 5.5 V SOIC 4.9mm 1.58mm
RS-stocknr. 187-1826
€ 0,564
Each (In a Pack of 13)
Aantal stuks
Temperature Analogue, Digital - ±1 °C, ±1.5 °C Surface Mount 8 -40 °C -40 → +125 °C +125 °C 1.62 V 3.6 V WDFN 2mm 2mm
RS-stocknr. 190-8106
FabrikantMaxim Integrated
€ 3,446
Each (In a Pack of 5)
Aantal stuks
Temperature Digital Serial-1 Wire ±0.5°C Surface Mount 8 -55 °C -55 → +125 °C +125 °C 3 V 5.5 V SO 5mm 1.5mm
RS-stocknr. 191-3916
FabrikantMaxim Integrated
€ 2,86
Each (In a Tube of 50)
Aantal stuks
Temperature Digital Serial-2 Wire ±1°C Surface Mount 8 -55 °C -55 → +125 °C +125 °C 2.7 V 5.5 V μSOP 3.1mm 0.95mm
RS-stocknr. 162-7128
€ 1,302
Each (On a Reel of 250)
Aantal stuks
Temperature Digital Serial-Microwire, Serial-SPI ±1.5°C Surface Mount 6 -40 °C -40 → +125 °C +125 °C 2.7 V 5.5 V SOT-23 2.9mm 1.15mm
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