First Aid Tapes

First aid tape is the tape used in many various first aid scenarios such as securing bandaging
How does it work?
You use the tape to wrap around bandaging or dressings that are used in medical applications or first aid. They can typically be found at hand in any fully equipped first aid box and are especially useful for holding together the various pieces of equipment that come in first aid boxes.
Types of First Aid Tapes:
• Fabric – Fabric tapes, typically look like cotton based weaved material, these are especially useful for moulding to many areas of the body such as joints and knuckles
• Paper – Thin and sticky adhesive paper tapes are great for dressing non flexible areas of the body. They are so thin that they allow the skin to breathe which can be critical in certain situations. They are very easy to tear by hand making them quickly accessible in emergencies.
Features and benefits:
• Ideal for securing dressings and bandages
• Adhesive nature of sticky sides provide security and long last stick
• Blue tapes are a must have in catering environments as blue is the most distinguishable colour type to the human eye – perfect to spot if it falls into food or prep
• Waterproofing is available
Where might I use some?
• A must have in first aid kits
• Restaurant or catering businesses
• Schools and hospitals
• Public buildings
• In your home

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