Push Button Pendant Enclosures

Push button pendant enclosures are a type handheld of push button control station that provides a secure and durable housing for push buttons. Push buttons are a simple type of switch mechanism that is used to control one function in a machine or device.

What are push button pendant enclosures used for?

Push button pendant enclosures are used in industrial settings to house push buttons that control the operation of heavy machinery. They are most often used with hoists and cranes or as remote control stations.

What are the advantages of push button pendant enclosures?

Housing push buttons in a push button pendant enclosure allows the operator of the machinery to control it from a safe distance away. This is particularly useful with hoists and cranes that may be moving items overhead. Push button pendant enclosures can be wireless or connected to the machine they are operating by a cable that allows the user to move out of way of the machinery. They are often suitable for use over a short range.

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Omschrijving Prijs Series Cutout Diameter Number of Cutouts Enclosure Material For Use With Cable Termination Type Length Width Depth Maximum Operating Temperature Minimum Operating Temperature Enclosure Colour IP Rating
RS-stocknr. 211-8430
€ 124,50
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XACB 30 mm 12 - - - - - - - - Yellow IP65
RS-stocknr. 609-4411
€ 87,94
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Harmony XACA 22mm 12 Polypropylene XAC A Operating Heads Screw Clamp 680mm 92mm 70mm +70°C -25°C Yellow IP65
RS-stocknr. 815-1730
€ 78,80
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Harmony XACA 22mm 3 Polypropylene XAC A Operating Heads - 314mm 80mm 70mm +70°C -25°C Yellow IP65