Mercury Tilt Switches

Mercury Tilt Switches
A mercury tilt switch is an electrical switch that opens and closes a circuit what a small amount of liquid mercury connects with metal electrodes. When tilted in one direction the switch is either open or closed, and then in the opposite when tilted in the other direction.
Due to the fact that mercury is a poisonous metal, any devices containing mercury must be treated as hazardous. With current RoHS restrictions, mercury has been eliminated in most modern applications.
• The contacts are enclosed to stop oxidation
• Can be used in hazardous locations
• Low resistance
• Quiet operation
Mercury tilt switches are commonly used in older style thermostats used to turn a heater or air conditioning on or off. Another use is in construction equipment and lift vehicles by being used as a rollover warning when operating in rugged terrains.
Vending machines also include tilt switches and are used to activate an alarm when someone tries to rock or tilt the machine.

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Omschrijving Prijs Differential Angle Maximum Current Maximum DC Voltage Terminal Type Contact Resistance Diameter Length Width Depth Dimensions Maximum AC Voltage Maximum Operating Temperature Minimum Operating Temperature
RS-stocknr. 455-3693
€ 1,80
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10° 250mA - Wire Lead 6mm 27.3mm - - 27.3 x 5.94mm 120V +100°C -37°C
RS-stocknr. 235-7572
€ 2,42
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- 120V PCB - 10.08mm 7.14mm 4.62mm 10.08 x 7.14 x 4.62mm 120V +100°C -37°C
RS-stocknr. 455-3700
€ 2,40
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45° 500mA - Wire Lead 30mΩ 10mm 21.3mm - - 21.3 x 9.5mm 120V +100°C -37°C