Safety-Rated Interlock Switches

Safety rated interlock switches are safeguarding measures designed to improve safety in situations where guards or gates are used around hazardous machinery or equipment.

What are safety rated interlock switches used for?

In industrial situations, safety rated interlock switches prevent or permit the use of machinery, depending on safety conditions. They allow current to pass to the machine when it is safe to operate, for example when the machine's guard is closed. And they cut off the power if there's a potential hazard, such as a guard being opened. When a dangerous piece of equipment such as a metalworking machine is in operation, safety rated interlock switch might be used to ensure safety gates remain closed, excluding workers from hazardous areas.

Types of safety rated interlock switches

Safety rated interlock switches vary according to their lock type, maximum current and voltage, as well as their housing material. Guard-locking switches prevent access to machine parts that may still be in motion, even when the power has been cut. Hinge switches will close protective gates and guards in unsafe conditions.

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