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    Limit Switch Actuators & Operating Heads

    Limit switch accessories are the components of and parts that are used alongsidelimit switches, devices which form part of the control system for the movement of machinery. Limit switch accessories can be used to replace key parts of the device, or adapt and improve the function of limit switches.

    How do limit switches work?

    Limit switches are composed of a set of contacts and an actuator that are mechanically linked. When a machine part comes into contact with the device, the switch acts to make or break the circuit connection. In this way, they detect the movement of machinery, which can be useful for counting objects travelling past a specific point, or detecting an object's position.

    Types of limit switch accessories

    There are a wide range of limit switch accessories available, but some common types include:

    • contacts, a key part that allows the actuator to break the circuit
    • levers, which form part of the switch
    • rods, which make up part of the actuator
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