Development Kits

A development kit is a collective term referring to accessories related to the installation, evaluation, generation and add-on components of switch technologies. 


What are development kits used for?

Your choice of development kit depends on the type of switch technology required. Pairing the right development kit with the corresponding switch system is essential to get the most benefit from it. Common switch technology categories include dimmers, toggles, rockers, pressure and reed switches. You can also get development kits for micro-switches. 


Typical applications include industrial and building automation, smart technologies and medical devices.


Types of development kits

Three broad ranges of kits are available, each with a different purpose.

  • Evaluation kits allow for testing of energy harvesting technologies. They also measure specific parameters, for example signal strength and range.
  • Generation kits convert mechanical energy into electrical energy for data transfer in snap and rocker switches. This eliminates the need for batteries.
  • Add-on kits consist of adaptors like receiver modules and connectors for wall mounting capabilities. Flexible pairing enables several receivers to operate via one switch and vice versa, increasing usage flexibility. 

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Omschrijving Prijs Accessory Type For Use With
RS-stocknr. 789-7208
€ 375,71
1 Box of 1
Evaluation Kit Wireless Switch Applications
RS-stocknr. 878-0319
€ 220,38
Aantal stuks
Multi-Touch Control Wheel Development Kit Clean Room Controls, Medical Device, Off-Highway Vehicles
RS-stocknr. 873-6687
€ 21,82
Aantal stuks
Receiver Module with Wire Antenna 868 MHz Cherry Energy Harvesting Switches
RS-stocknr. 894-8981
€ 31,82
Aantal stuks
Wireless Switch Generator Wireless Snap and Rocker Switches
RS-stocknr. 873-6684
€ 105,81
Aantal stuks
Receiver Board Energy Harvesting Wireless Switch
RS-stocknr. 873-6678
€ 11,35
Aantal stuks
RF Generator Energy Harvesting Switch
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