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    Measuring Cylinders

    Measuring cylinders are instruments commonly used in laboratories to measure the volume of different liquids. Manufactured from either glass or plastic, measuring cylinders also tend to have graduations running up the product in ml to represent the volume of the liquid being measured. This allows precise measurements to be taken whilst pouring and dispensing. Many graduated cylinders also include a spout to help distribute the contents of the item being measured.

    What are measuring cylinders made from?

    Measuring cylinders are made from different materials dependant on the user's preference and /or they can also be changed depending on what the contents inside the cylinder are made from, as some may react differently with the cylinder.

    • PP or polypropylene is commonly used in these measuring products as it's known for its hardwearing and excellent chemical resistance.
    • PMP or polymethylene is similar in structure to PP and is well known for it's hardwearing and excellent chemical resistance, this material is also renowned for its transparent nature, enabling its user to clearly see what is in the cylinder.
    • Traditional measuring cylinders were made from glass with accurate graduations to depict the volume measured, as well as a spout and stand.

    What applications are measuring cylinders used in?

    Measuring cylinders are used in a wide range of applications from home and domestic use, to professional and educational purposes. Some areas where graduated cylinders are often used include:

    • Laboratory
    • Education and Research
    • Basic household use

    How do you read a measuring cylinder?

    In certain applications precise measurements of liquid are essential. By using a graduated cylinder, measurements can be easily identified by the measurements often include up the outside of the cylinder. These measurements tend to be in ml and are often graduated and embossed, however in some cases they may be printed on.

    Measuring cylinders are predominantly clear in design, allowing the liquid to be easily measured. Furthermore, measuring cylinders can also feature a hexagon or octagon shaped base allowing them to stand upright freely.

    Here at RS you will find a wide range of measuring jugs in various materials and styles to suit your needs.

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