Multimeter Fuses

Multimeter fuses are a critical component for the safe and efficient running of all types of multimeters. They protect multimeters in the event of current overload. Multimeters are electronic testing devices that can measure voltage, current and resistance in a wide array of small-scale domestic appliances, or large-scale industrial machines.

How do multimeter fuses work?

Multimeters are handy tools to have for home renovations. They're portable, easy to use and let you carry out tests on plug sockets and lighting systems, for example. Both analogue and digital multimeters use multimeter fuses. The fuses contain a thin strand of wire with a low melting point. If the current running through the multimeter is too great, the fuse will melt, breaking the circuit. It's a basic but effective safeguarding device found in all electrical systems.

Choosing the right multimeter fuses

Your choice of multimeter fuses will depend on the make, model and type of multimeter you're using. Various ampages and voltages are available, and multimeter fuses can be bought individually or in multipacks.

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Omschrijving Prijs For Use With Current Voltage Breaking Capacity Material Dimensions Diameter Length Model Number p Accessory Type
RS-stocknr. 301-2416
FabrikantnummerFUSE-11A/1000V B1
€ 11,20
Aantal stuks
Series III 11A 1000V 20kA HBC Ceramic 10.3 (Dia.) x 38mm 10.3mm 38mm 1641131 Fuse
RS-stocknr. 201-0251
FabrikantnummerFUSE-440MA/1000V B1
€ 6,07
Aantal stuks
Series III 440mA 1000V 10kA HBC Ceramic 10.3 (Dia.) x 35mm 10.3mm 35mm 1640597 Fuse
RS-stocknr. 337-5284
€ 6,38
Each (In a Pack of 5)
Aantal stuks
25 Series, 8060A, 8062A Series 3A 600V 10kA HBC Ceramic 10.31 (Dia.) x 34.925mm 10.31mm 34.925mm BLS 3 Fuse
RS-stocknr. 323-6965
€ 12,82
Aantal stuks
715 Series 125mA 250V - - - - - 686527 Fuse
RS-stocknr. 669-9306
€ 24,00
1 Lot of 5
- 10A 600V - - 6.3 (Dia.) x 32mm 6.3mm 32mm AT0095 Fuse
RS-stocknr. 384-257
FabrikantGossen Metrawatt
€ 5,20
Each (In a Pack of 10)
Aantal stuks
Metrahit 2, Metrahit 23S, Metrahit 24S, Metrahit 25S, Metrahit 26S/M, Metrahit 27i/M, Metrahit 28S, Metrahit 29S, Metrahit ENERGY 1.6A 1000V 10kA - 6.3 (Dia.) x 32mm 6.3mm 32mm Z-109C Fuse
RS-stocknr. 481-0980
€ 9,59
1 Bag of 3
- 500mA - - - 6.35 (Dia.) x 32mm 6.35mm 32mm MTL1015 Fuse
RS-stocknr. 161-1530
FabrikantRS Pro
€ 2,497
Each (In a Pack of 3)
Aantal stuks
Fused Accessories, RS Pro GS38 Fused Test Leads 500mA 1000V 50kA - - - - - Fuse
RS-stocknr. 606-3782
FabrikantGossen Metrawatt
€ 67,00
Aantal stuks
Metrahit 2, Metrahit 28S, Metrahit 29S, Metrahit ENERGY, Metrahit ETECH, Metrahit EXTRA, Metrahit OUTDOOR, Metrahit PRO, Metrahit TECH, Metrahit WORLD, Metrahit X-TRA 10A 1000V 30kA - 10 (Dia.) x 32mm 10mm 38mm Z-109L Fuse
RS-stocknr. 384-241
FabrikantGossen Metrawatt
€ 6,80
Each (In a Pack of 10)
Aantal stuks
Metrahit 24S, Metrahit 25S, Metrahit 26S/M 16A 1000V 30kA - 10 (Dia.) x 38mm 10mm 38mm Z-109B Fuse
RS-stocknr. 254-8166
€ 21,05
Each (In a Pack of 2)
Aantal stuks
- 1A 500V 100kA - - - 80mm DX2007 Fuse