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    Pressure Calibrators

    A pressure calibrator is simply a pressure measuring device capable of verifying (or calibrating) the pressure reading of another pressure measuring device. The pressure calibrator must be more accurate than the device being calibrated (usually 4 times more accurate). They can be portable hand held devices as well as workshop models and the ideal tool for busy process professional.

    Pressure calibrators offer a wide variety of features, accuracies, and pressure ranges. Included are intrinsically safe percent of reading calibrators, reference data recorders, wide-range dual sensor calibrators, and calibrators with built in pressure pumps. Calibrators may also offer current measurement, voltage measurement, 24 volt loop power supplies, and even complete systems with pressure pumps and calibration software.

    Features include:

    • Rugged and reliable, ideal for field use

    • Compact and lightweight form, combined with one-handed calibration

    • Built in pumps for easy pressure generation

    • Could have a precision regulator that can control a supply pressure and maintain a precise pressure output.

    • Features like mA measure, loop power, switch test and transmitter error calculation

    • Calibrate and test pressure devices quickly and easily, saving valuable time

    Pressure calibrators come in different configurations to fit specific requirements:

    For field use - requirement for portability and functions that may include voltage, amperage or digital signal monitoring/recording from the device being calibrated, handheld multi-function calibrators are the ideal tool. In many cases, one handheld pressure calibrator can replace multiple instruments, reducing ongoing recalibration and maintenance costs.

    In a lab environment - higher accuracy may be required and precise control of pressure is needed, a pressure calibrator/controller would be more suited.

    Deadweight testers come in various accuracies and pressure ranges. Seen as a superior choice, but they are bulky and require a skilled operator. High end deadweight testers are still considered the gold standard for pressure calibration at its highest level in laboratories, but handheld and pressure controllers are replacing deadweight testers in the field and in process applications.

    These tools provide a total pressure calibration solution for transmitters, gauges and switches. They work with gases or liquids, source and measure, power transmitters, and cover a wide range.

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