Corded Jigsaws

What are Corded JigsawsCorded Jigsaw are robust and reliable saws designed to cut both straight and curved lines, and also make holes for things like sinks, hobs and electric plug sockets. How do they work?Corded jigsaws are a mains-powered hand held tool. Designed with an electric motor and a reciprocating saw blade. The blades can be set up-to a 45° angle to make the cuts required.What are their key features? Keyless blade change Anti-vibration Variable speed LED illuminates work area Ergonomic soft grip for comfortable use 2800 to 3100 spm (strokes per minute)What types are there? 110 V, 115 V and 240 V Corded JigsawWho would use a corded jigsaw Carpenters Construction workers

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Omschrijving Prijs Stroke Length Cutting Depth Maximum Speed Voltage Plug Type Model Number Weight
RS-stocknr. 458-1777
€ 243,06
Aantal stuks
26mm Wood 135; Steel 10 mm 2800spm 110V British 3 pin BS 1363 4340FCT 2.4kg
RS-stocknr. 458-1799
€ 244,95
Aantal stuks
1in Wood 5 5/16; Steel 3/8 in 2800spm 240V Type G - British 3-pin 4350FCT 5.7kg