Tweezer Sets

Tweezer sets contain a variety of tweezers that will enable you to precisely grip, pull, place or move objects that are too small to be handled by your fingers.How do they work?Select from your set the most appropriately sized tweezer. Tweezers consist of two arms that are joined at one end. Holding towards the joined end of the tweezer, squeeze your thumb and index finger together to close the two arms around the item that you wish to pick up, pull or move. To release the item, slowly release the pressure applied by your thumb and index finger.What are its key features? Primarily made from stainless steel, but other material types include nickel plated, carbon fibre and titanium Resistance to heat and corrosion enables use in harsh environments Non-magneticWhat different types of Tweezer sets are there?A set typically contains tweezers with a variety of tips, or different sizes: Pointed tip – most common form of tweezer Blunt tip – should be used when a pointed tip tweezer might get tangled up in the item Flat tip – makes removal of splinters easier due to the angled tip Triangular tips – ideal for larger objectsWhere would you use it?We sell a range of Tweezer sets for specific environments or applications: Manufacturing Electrostatic (ESD) Medical and surgical Jewellery and watchmaking production

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Omschrijving Prijs Set Contents Material Number of Pieces ESD Safe
RS-stocknr. 847-3100
€ 17,29
Aantal stuks
Fine, Fine Bent, Fine Flat, Fine Paddle, Flat Round Carbofib 5 Yes
RS-stocknr. 666-1064
€ 82,71
1 Kit
120 mm Positioning of 3 Lead SOT Packages Chip Capacitors; 115 mm Positioning of 3 Lead SOT Packages Chip Capacitors 45°; 125 mm Thin Bent Points Stainless Steel 3 Yes
RS-stocknr. 666-1077
€ 104,82
1 Kit
115 mm Positioning 2 and 3 Lead SOT Packages 45° Angle; 120 mm Positioning Flat Devices at 60° Angle; 120 mm Positioning and Soldering 1 mm Wide Components Grooved Tips; 120 mm Positioning 5 mm Monolithic Chip Capacitors Grooved Tips; 120 mm Grooved Tips 30° Angle for Positioning Cylindrical Devices Stainless Steel 5 -
RS-stocknr. 136-7320
€ 163,71
1 Kit
High Precision Tweezers: 00, High Precision Tweezers: 2A, High Precision Tweezers: 3C, High Precision Tweezers: 5, High Precision Tweezers: 7, Top Quality Hard/Foam Wallet Titanium 5 -