Drill Bit Accessories

Drill bit accessories are parts used with your power tools and drill bits. They're used as cutting tools to remove material or to create holes in metal, wood, plastic and other materials. The holes created are commonly fitted with screws and boltsto fasten components together.

Types of drill bit accessories

Choose from drill bit accessories to suit a range of drill bits and power tools, including:

  • Pilot pins - for use with multi-tooth milling cutters. They're used to guide the cutter accurately.
  • Angle drill driver attachments - turns your drill or driver into a right angle power tool. Ideal for tight or hard-to-reach areas.
  • Drill sleeves - used to adapt smaller morse taper shank tools to larger machine spindles.
  • Drill drifts (or drift keys) - used to knock loose a drill or drill socket. They can also be used to remove tapered shank tools from spindles and sockets.
  • Multi-tool metal blades - for use with an oscillating multi tool to cut hard and soft metals.

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RS-stocknr. 695-204
€ 25,04
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Barrel Extension Rod 300 mm Wet and Dry Core Drill
RS-stocknr. 695-181
€ 43,07
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Adapter Pack - Dry Diamond Core Drill
RS-stocknr. 695-197
€ 25,90
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Extension Rod 150 mm Core Drill