Pullers & Extraction Tools

Brands within our range of pulling and extracting tools include Facom, Gedore, Irwin, Stahlwille, RS PRO, Bahco and GearWrench. Our full offer of pullers and extraction tools covers many applications and component types - depending on the materials you need to insert, pull or extract, we'll have a tool to get the job done.

What type of bearing puller is best for which jobs?

There are several kinds of bearing pullers on sale, aimed at tasks ranging from relatively simple transmission fixes to complex industrial machinery.

Regardless of design, all bearing pullers help with the removal of parts from rotating machine shafts or blind bearing holes. Popular bearing pullers we sell include:

  • Hydraulic pullers for quick, safe removal or dismounting of bearings, belt pulleys, gears, round wheels and other tightened parts

  • Strong back pullers with a spring-operated centre point and safety valve, minimising overload risk when inserted between bearings and shoulders on a shaft

  • Heavy-duty jaw pullers often designed to reduce bearing damage in demanding industrial or commercial settings

  • Internal bearing pullers can have elastic retaining rings to help keep the puller arm in position, eliminating the need to fully dismount a grooved ball bearing during removal

What other pullers and insertion/extraction tools are popular?

  • Mechanical pullers help remove or replace bearings, pulley couplings, gear wheels and magnetic flywheels, without having to dismantle machinery or remove running shafts.

    • They’re sold in two-arm versions for tighter spaces, or three-arm types for better load distribution/grip, and a concentric pulling action

  • Pry bars, crow bars, wrecking bars and pinch bars are simple tools consisting of a heavy iron lever with one end formed into a claw shape, for gripping/removing nails, studs and other fasteners.

  • Drift punches/drift pins help to align bolt and rivet holes for fasteners.

  • General insertion/extraction tools are designed to work with a wide range of fixtures and fasteners, for easy and quick removal of stubborn or stuck bolts, bearings, screws, nails, rivets and more.

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