Van Racking

Van Racking
What is Van Racking?
Van racking a mobile tool storage system designed for engineers on the move who require the capacity to keep their Toughsystem cases and equipment neatly stored and organised in a vehicle.
How do they work?
Van racking is fully adjustable and allows engineers to arrange their tool boxes to create a neat and tidy mobile solution. The TOUGHSYSTEM racking solution is secured internally via mounting brackets and supportive legs, height-adjustable brackets are attach to support the weight of the tool cases.
What are the key features?

• Metal telescopic bars, crash tested
• Height adjustment to fit any type of van
• Reinforced fasteners
• Adjustable bar
• Patented fixings adaptable to any type of truck
• Reinforced feet
• Low and high roof van options
What types are available?

RS offer a choice of sizes to fit your vehicle, each made from a combination of metal and plastic. Also available is a workshop version with the same capability as a mobile unit.
Who are they used by?
Our van racking systems are ideal for mobile engineers who require a storage solution for vans. Toughsystem van racking is a vital part needed to create a personalised vehicle workshop.

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Toughsystem FS150, Toughsystem FS300, Toughsystem FS400 Metal, Plastic 1800mm 200kg