Electrolube ER2074 250 g Epoxy Adhesive

  • RS-stocknr. 160-8469
  • Fabrikantnummer ER2074RP250GR
  • Fabrikant Electrolube
Wetgeving en compliance
Land van herkomst: GB

Casting Compound, Epoxy Resin ER 2074, ER 2183

Casting compound for encapsulating electronic assembliesVibration isolation and prevention of stress exposureER 2074 RS stock no. 160-8469very high thermal transfer properties (thermal conductivity of 1.26W/mK)Entirely free of grinding fillersLow heat emission upon hardeningAt a storage or transport temperature below 10 °C, the product may contain small clots as a result of crystallisation, which impedes its use with dispensing systems. Upon heating to max. 50 °C, crystals dissolve againER 2183 RS stock no. 337-5919high thermal transfer properties, oil-resistant

Electrolube Epoxy Resin

The Electrolube 250g epoxy resin is a flame retardant, thermally conductive, 2-part potting and encapsulating compound. This technology used is of the ’clean’ type, leading to relatively low toxicity fumes and low smoke emission.

Features and Benefits

Very high thermal properties
• Entirely free of grinding fillers
• Low heat emission upon hardening
• High thermal conductivity ideal for heat dissipation within LED applications
• Good environmental protection
resistant to water and chemical
• Does not contain abrasive fillers
low wear on dispensing machinery
• Setting time is 5 hours
• Cure time at 23°C is 24 hours
• Shelf life of 24 Months
• Flame retardant
• The operating temperature ranges between -40°C and 130°C


• LEDs

• Rubber
• Plastic
• Glass

Potting Compounds: Twin Packs

Kenmerk Waarde
Trade Name ER2074
Adhesive Type Epoxy Adhesive
Colour White
Package Type Bag
Package Size 250 g
Cure Time 1 hrs °C@ 100, 4 hrs °C@ 60, 24 hrs °C@ 25
Maximum Operating Temperature +130°C
Setting Time 5h
Minimum Operating Temperature -40°C
Operating Temperature Range -40 → +130 °C
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(excl. BTW)
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€ 17,36
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€ 16,66
15 +
€ 16,32
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