RS PRO Silicone Thermal Gap Filler, 30 min Cure, 3W/mK, 30 ml Cartridge

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Silicone Thermal Gap Filler - Pink 3W/m K

Introducing silicone thermal putty from RS PRO, a range of thermally conductive adhesives ideal for creating an excellent bond between components whilst offering high thermal conductivity. The thermal putty cartridges can be dispensed effectively via RS PRO silicone dispensing guns, allowing you to dispense an accurate amount with precision. These formable gap fillers are perfect for ensuring components that contain small gaps or are not perfectly flat remain securely bonded, whilst dissipating heat to prevent them from overheating and breaking down. With RS PRO silicone thermal putty, cure times are achievable as quickly as 30 minutes, allowing you to quickly and efficiently bond components together with ease.

Features and Benefits

  • No flowing when set, ensuring clean and efficient application

  • Maintains good contact with components for a secure seal

  • Good thermal conductivity preventing overheating and loss of energy

  • Compatible with RS PRO dispensing gun for quick and easy application

  • Suitable for use in a range of applications


Dispensable thermal interface materials such as gap fillers and adhesives are used in a range of applications to create a secure bond between components, whilst preventing air from escaping through small gaps. Silicone thermal putty adhesives are available in a range of colours and varying levels of thermal conductivity, depending on the applications required. Thermally conductive adhesive gap fillers are ideal for use in areas such as:

  • Communications equipment

  • Automotive electronics

  • Small office, and networking equipment

  • Cooling modules


What dispensing gun is this compatible with?

RS Stock No. 1938246 – RS PRO 30 ml Dispenser Gun

Other options

RS Stock No. 1938247 - Thermal Putty - Light Blue 2W/m K
RS Stock No. 1938248 - Thermal Putty - Pink 3W/m K
RS Stock No. 1938249 - Thermal Putty - Grey 5W/m K
RS Stock No. 1938250 - Thermal Putty - Grey 7W/m K

Kenmerk Waarde
Package Type Cartridge
Package Size 30 ml
Cure Time 30 min
Maximum Operating Temperature +200°C
Operating Temperature Range -40 → +200 °C
Minimum Operating Temperature -40°C
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Prijs Each
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€ 20,42
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