RS PRO Insulated Crimp Bootlace Ferrule, 8mm Pin Length, 1.3mm Pin Diameter, 0.5mm² Wire Size, White

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RS Pro Insulated French Colour Coded Bootlace Ferrules

From RS Pro a range of high-quality French colour coded bootlace ferrules (also known as cord end terminals) for providing a clean end termination to multi-stranded wires. These reliable wire ferrules ensure that you have a positive connection when connecting wires to terminal blocks and captive terminals.

What Is a Bootlace Ferrule?
A bootlace ferrule is a metal tube or ferrule with a moulded colour coded insulating collar made from nylon. The ferrule is slipped over the end of a multi-stranded wire, crimped and then inserted into a screw or spring clamp connection.

Where is a Bootlace Ferrule Used?
When the end of a multi-stranded wire is stripped and placed directly under a screw terminal the strands of the wire will naturally fan out under the pressure of the screw. Some strands will go astray. This reduces the quality of the electrical connection and can also result in electrical shorts. When a bootlace ferrule is used, the insulated funnel with it's flared design captures all the strands. These strands are then crimped together in the ferrule tube. The crimped ferrule is then inserted into the terminal to create an electrical connection

Features and Benefits

• Excellent electrical connection
• Reduces short circuits
• German colour coded collar for easy ferrule size identification
• Nylon insulated collar for reduced leakage, creepage and gas intrusion
• Tin plated copper tube for excellent conductivity
• Crimped terminal can be repeatedly inserted and removed without degrading end of the wire


Bootlace ferrules are used on multi-stranded wires that are being inserted into screw terminals and terminal blocks. Applications include consumer units, circuit breakers, electrical control panels and any equipment where there is a requirement for a multi-stranded wire connection.

Questions and Answers

How to Crimp a Bootlace Ferrule
Select the correct size bootlace ferrule and strip the end of the wire. Cut the wires to the same length as terminal and twist the strands together. Slip the bootlace ferrule (insulated collar first) onto the ends of the wire until the wire strands are flush with the end of the tube. Using a ratchet crimping tool, insert the metal tube of the ferrule into the appropriate crimping section (indicated by sizes marked on the tool). Squeeze the tool handles together until the ratchet releases. A ratchet crimping tool is preferable as the handles will remain locked until a full crimp cycle is completed preventing partial crimps. The crimped wire end is now ready to be inserted into connecting terminal

Suitable Crimping Tools
For ferrules with a wire size range of 0.5 to 6 mm2 use crimping tool stock number 683-1605
For ferrules with a wire size range of 10 to 25 mm2 use crimping tool stock number 683-1614
For ferrules with a wire size range of 0.5 to 16 mm2 use crimping pliers stock number 464-482
For ferrules with a wire size range of 35 or 50 mm2 use crimping tool stock number 683-1617


Length quoted is Pin Length

RS Pro Bootlace Ferrules (French Colours)

Made from a reliable bright tinned copper with PP insulating sleeves, offering you the reliability and reassurance required for all your wire termination needs. We offer a range of different-sized boot laced ferrules to accommodate your requirements.

Features and benefits:

• Offers up to 100% contact between your crimped wire stands and your end contact point. • Stops your wire strands from spreading out upon contact with the contact point (vs. a wire strand not boot laced as these may spread due to pressure at the contact point, losing you up to 50% contact)
• Boot laced wire strands are easy to repurpose and re use elsewhere (useful if you need to move the wires around often).
• Once the boot lace has been crimped using the appropriate tool, it offers great protection from corrosion commonly caused by oxygenation or moisture.
• The boot lace helps you keep your wire strands separate from other terminals or connections close by, reducing any risk of damaging any surrounding equipment.
• Easier to guide the crimped wire strand if it has a narrow boot lace into its intended contact point as the typical narrow points easily slots into place (vs. wiring that may fray if accidental contact occurs, making it more time consuming to re position the frayed wiring ends).
• Large range of French colours are available to choose from offering you a wider choice of wire sizing.


• Power distribution panels • Terminal blocks
• Captive terminals

Kenmerk Waarde
Maximum Wire Size mm² 0.5mm²
Pin Diameter 1.3mm
Insulation Material Nylon
Number of Entries 1
Colour White
Pin Length 8mm
Insulation Insulated
Maximum Wire Size AWG 22AWG
Overall Length 14mm
26500 op voorraad - levertijd is 1 werkdag(en) (EU-voorraad)
772902 op voorraad - levertijd is 2 werkdag(en) (UK-voorraad)
Prijs Each (In a Pack of 100)
(excl. BTW)
(incl. BTW)
Aantal stuks
Per stuk
Per pak*
100 - 400
€ 0,043
€ 4,30
500 - 900
€ 0,036
€ 3,60
1000 - 2400
€ 0,034
€ 3,40
2500 - 4900
€ 0,031
€ 3,10
5000 +
€ 0,026
€ 2,60
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