Phoenix Contact VS-OE-OE-93E-100.0 Blue PUR Cat5 Cable SF/UTP, 100m Unterminated/Unterminated

Wetgeving en compliance

NBC-MSD Network cable RJ45 to M12 Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact brings you a range of brilliant industrial ethernet (network) cable assemblies. These assemblies are RJ45 connectors to an M12 for all your industrial needs. The NBC-MSD range of ethernet cables are Cat5 cables (100 Mbps) and come in a variety of orientations such as a straight RJ45, angled RJ45 and different cable lengths to match all of your needs. The opposite end of the RJ45 connector sits a M12. Phoenix's M12 connectors include their top of the line SPEEDCON technology to make it effortless, strong and reliable connection to another circular connector.

The NBC-MSD cables all feature an IP67 rating when mated (M connector only, not applicable to RJ45), 2-twisted cores to the pair and the colour of the sheath is a beautiful blue.

Features and benefits:

  • Up to 100 Mbps speed transmission with this solid Cat 5 cable

  • Shielded & non-shielded options available

  • Varying lengths to suit needs. Shorter ones more suited for neater and better cable management

  • SPEEDCON connection allows rapid installation in field scenarios

  • PUR Halogen-free

  • Rated at 1A 50V

  • Operating temperature range -20 to +80 °C


SPEEDCON is a technology installed on the M (circular connector) side of these ethernet cables. The SPEEDCON allows you to install your M12 connection in half a turn. Not only does the cable install rapidly, it provides an extra secure fitment to your mating connector for that ultimate ease of mind. SPEEDCON connections are effortless to install, simply push the M12 connector into its mating part, turn and you're set.

Where to connect a network cable?

Network cables are designed to allow you to have the most speed and efficiency on your network through a cable. The NBC-MSD cables come pre-wired and so all that you need to do is simply plug the cable in. Please bear in mind, these cables are not your conventional cables and include an M12 connector on one end. The M12 connector simply just needs to be pushed in and locked in.

What is Cat 5?

Cat 5 is a terminology that means 'category 5'. Category 5 cables are twisted pair cables that allow you to connect to network devices via cabling. Cat 5 cables are terminated by an RJ45 port on at least one of the ends and can transmit speeds of up to 100 Mbps.



Kenmerk Waarde
Length 100m
Terminated/Unterminated Unterminated
Connector Type Unterminated/Unterminated
Shield Type SF/UTP
Sheath Colour Blue
Outer Sheath Material PUR
1 op voorraad - levertijd is 2 werkdag(en).
Prijs Each
(excl. BTW)
(incl. BTW)
Aantal stuks
Per stuk
1 +
€ 460,00
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