RS PRO, 1mA dc, Max Current 600A ac With RS Calibration

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RS Pro IPM242 Power Clampmeter

From RS PRO, this IPM242 clamp meter serves as a first line of defence for spot checking and verifying system conditions before deploying more specialised tools. Featuring a full range of diagnostic capabilities including phase sequence, power & power factor, total harmonics distortion & individual harmonics, inrush current and low pass filter, They are rated CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000 V with voltage measurement up to 1000 V ac/dc. The new innovative navigation system eliminates confusing push buttons, and replaces them with a single joystick allowing the selection of functions directly on the display.

It functions as a multimeter and analyzer with a clamp that is ideal for multifunctions including current and voltage measurements.

Battery-powered for maximum portability, and with a large backlit screen, this current clamp meter is ideal for on-the-go applications in almost any environment.

It is also supplied in a carry case to keep the clampmeter safe and secure during transit.

Features and Benefits

• 10000 Count digital display
• Active display backlight and analogue bargraph
• VoltSense (Non-contact Voltage measurement)
• True RMS reading on AC and AC+DC mode
• Auto torch-light for viewing easily while clamping conductors
• AC 600 Amp capability
• Auto AC-DC 1000 V capability and selection
• Auto Ohms/Continuity/Diode selection
• 100 kΩ resistance capability
• Continuity beeper
• Frequency counter
• Power and power factor measurement
• Total harmonics distortion and % harmonics 1 to 25
• Capacitance capability
• °C / °F temperature measurement function
• DC μA for flame rod testing
• Inrush current
• Peak HOLD
• Smart Data HOLD
• Phase rotation indication
• Low pass filter
• Auto power off
• Safety Standard: IEC 61010-1 CAT IV 600 V / CAT. III 1000 V


This multifunction current clamp meter is designed for current measurement in electrical testing, and combines a digital multimeter with a clamping current sensor. The nature of the clamp means that it can fit around a wire at any point to sense AC and DC Current as well as inrush current. This has the advantage of allowing electricians to take a reading from a wire without touching it, which is both more convenient and safer than other methods.

They are used for measuring high levels of current in service and maintenance applications. They are also used when installing electrical equipment.

True RMS (Root Mean Square) reading has advantages over average RMS reading in that it compensates for interfering electronic loads or distorted sinewaves to give an accurate reading.

RS PRO aims to be your go-to brand when you need reliability, quality, and affordability. We source high-quality tools and parts from trusted sources and employ expert testing to build a brand you can rely on.
When it comes to test and measurement equipment, RS PRO has an extensive range of solutions. From electrical to environmental measurement, we offer calibrated and multi-function instruments to suit your needs.

Supplied with

IPM242 power clamp meter, test leads set (1 x black & 1 x red), temperature probe, carrying case,
9 V alkaline battery (supplied and pre-installed) and instruction manual

Kenmerk Waarde
Absolute Maximum AC Current Measurement 600A ac
Absolute Maximum DC Current Measurement 1mA dc
Absolute Maximum DC Voltage Measurement 1000V dc
Calibrated RSCAL
Best DC Current Accuracy ±1.7 % + 2 Digits
Best AC Current Accuracy ±1.5 % + 5 Digits
Best AC Voltage Accuracy ±1 % + 5 Digits
Best DC Voltage Accuracy ±0.7 % + 2 Digits
Power Source Battery
Battery Type 9 V Alkaline (IEC 6LF22), 9 V Alkaline (NEDA 1604A)
Weight 435 (with Battery)g
Minimum Operating Temperature 0°C
Width 50.5mm
Height 242mm
Maximum Operating Temperature +50°C
Dimensions 87.5 x 50.5 x 242mm
Length 87.5mm
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