TE Connectivity MTE Protective Cover

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AMPMODU MTE Coupling Shrouds for Receptacle Assemblies with Guide Ribs

Coupling shrouds for AMPMODU MTE 2.54mm receptacle assemblies with guide ribs. These double row AMPMODU MTE coupling shrouds are made from flame retardant thermoplastic and allow ganging of smaller receptacle connectors that have guide ribs to form large latching connectors.

TE Connectivity AMPMODU MTE Interconnection System

AMPMODU MTE 2.54 mm pitch connector system for labour and cost saving mass termination of wires in wire-to-board and wire-to-wire applications. These MTE connectors are based on IDC (insulation displacement contact) technology allowing one-step assembly and eliminating the need for wire stripping saving both time and cost. Using production hand tooling these MTE IDC connectors can be quickly assembled to discrete wire. The AMPMODU MTE connector system consists of single row receptacle housings preloaded with IDC contacts and PCB headers. Coupling shrouds are also available which allow the ganging of connectors to form larger single row or double row connectors

Kenmerk Waarde
Cover Type Protective
Material Thermoplastic
Colour Black
Series Number 103681
Series MTE
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