Keysight Technologies 34901A Data Acquisition 20-Channel Multiplexer for Data Acquisition & Switch Unit

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Keysight Technologies 34901A Data Acquisition 20-Channel Multiplexer 2/4 wire module for 34970A or 34972A

Offering incomparable powerful measurement performance, connectivity options and flexibility, Keysight Technologies Data Acquisition Systems/Switch Units are leading the way in ease of use. Up to 3 modules can be inserted into a single mainframe in any combination without the need for additional software, due to the included BenchVue DAQ software provided when the 34970A or 34972A is purchased.

The 34901A module is an extremely versatile multiplexer built for scanning, addressing a broad range of data applications it features multi-function switching with 60 channel/second scan rates. On the same module 1 and 4 wire channels can be mixed, and ac/dc measurements are made possible through 2 additional fused inputs, eliminating the need for external shunt resistors. Keysight modules allow a user to choose between features, for example the 34901A has broad functionality and can be used to scan with external instruments also.

Features and Benefits:

• Built-in cold junction reference
• 2 additional current channels (22 in total)
• 2 wire armature (4 wire selectable)
• 60 ch/sec speed
• 10 Mhz bandwidth
• < 3μV thermal offset
• No cables needed

What is a Data Acquisition Module?

Modules allows a user to customise Data Acquisition Systems/Switch units to meet their unique requirements like an adapter, more modules can also be added as a users application grows. With Keysight Technologies systems these modules slot easily in to the back of the system/unit. These systems have the DMM installed in the chassis, leaving the remaining 3 mainframe slots free, allowing users to choose between control and switch modules dependant on their need.

Keysight technologies provide 8 module accessories in total for the 34970A (810-5027) or 34972A (702-7958):

34901A 20 channel multiplexer (702-7939)
34902A 16 channel multiplexer (702-7932)
34903A 20 channel Actuator/GP Switch (702-7936)
34904A 4 x 8 Matrix (702-7945)
34905A Dual 4 channel RF Mux 50 Ω (702-7948)
34906A Dual 4 channel RF Mux 75 Ω (702-7942)
34907A Multifunction Module (702-7951)
34908A 40 channel Single-Ended Mux (702-7954)

Supplied with

Certificate of Calibration

Keysight USB Data Acquisition (DAQ)

The Keysight USB Data Acquisition (DAQ) family offers the choice and flexibility to create standalone or modular solutions that expand and evolve according to test requirements.

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