Electromen OY, DC Motor Controller, Potentiometer, Voltage Control, 12 → 48 V dc, 50 A

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EM-243C DC Motor Controller

EM-243C is a full bridge DC-motor starter. It is designed to work with DC-motor in applications where some special functions are needed. Starter has adjustable acceleration and deceleration ramps, which make possible the smooth starts and stops. Adjustable current limit protects motor against overcurrent and it can also be used as an end-stop. This device has also two settable speeds, which are useful
in positioning applications. Control inputs FW and BW start the forward and backward run. STOP is for the motor shut-down but there are also available individual limit inputs for FW and BW directions. SPEED-2 input activates preset speed-2, but it can also be used as input for analogue speed control signal 0-5V. FAULT terminal has at the same time input and output function, the pin is normally high, but is pulled down in overheat and conditionally also in current trip situation. If FAULT-line is pulled down externally, it will cause a stop and prevent the new start. For example, it is possible to link fault pins of several units together and achieve a synchronous stop. There are 2 selectable control modes, continuous and impulse. In continuous mode the motor runs as long as the control is active. In impulse mode a short command starts the motor, and only a new impulse will change the status.

Features & Benefits

Small size High current output
Current limit
Zero current limit
Speed setting
Flexible control inputs
Impulse / continuous mode
Rail base mountable
Digital parameter setting
C version card compatible with A version card
C firmware can be loaded A version card
C version new features-
+ Freewheel options parameter
+ 2kHz or 16kHz pwm frequency selects
+ Current limit analogue input
+ Speed and direction operating mode
+ Fan and Brake available in board 243C v.2
+ Extend operating voltage in board 243C v.2

Kenmerk Waarde
Supply Voltage 12 → 48 V dc
Current Rating 50 A
Voltage Rating 12 V dc, 24 V dc
Compatible Motor Type Permanent Magnet
Control Input Potentiometer, Voltage
Mounting Style DIN Rail Mount, Panel Mount
Length 107mm
Width 40mm
Depth 72mm
Dimensions 107 x 40 x 72 mm
Operating Temperature Range -40 → +60 °C
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