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Amprobe 38XRA Handheld LCD Digital Multimeter True RMS, AC Current, AC Voltage, Capacitance, Continuity, DC Current, DC

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Amprobe 38XR-A Digital Multimeter

The Amprobe 38XR-A digital multimeter is a True RMS auto ranging multimeter with an optical PC interface. Created primarily for engineers designing and troubleshooting industrial automation and control systems, the 38XR-A is a versatile instrument with the features and functions needed for a wide range of applications.
Amprobe 38XR-A digital multimeters provide all basic multimeter functions and then some. The meter measures AC voltage to 750 V, DC voltage to 1000 V, AC/DC current to 10 A, resistance to 40 MΩ, temperature to 2372 °F, capacitance to 400 μF, and frequency to 10 MHz. The 38XR-A also has measures duty cycle, dBm, and has a 4 to 20mA loop current test and continuity beeper. In addition to the wide measurement ranges, the meter features high accuracy and resolution. Test results are displayed on the 4-3/4 digit LCD with 41-segment analog bar graph.
The Amprobe 38XR-A includes an RS232 IR communication port for downloading measurement data (value, function, and range) to a PC. The optional 38SW-A Accessory Kit (software and cable) provides a graphical user interface for the PC to collect, store, and display measurement data. Other features of the meter include Min/Max, Average, Relative, Peak and Data Hold functions; input lead warning; and auto power off to save battery life. The multimeter has a separate door for easy battery and fuse access and is CAT IV 600 V safety rated.

Features and Benefits:

• DC Voltage Ranges: 1000 mV, 10 V, 100 V, 1000 V
• DC Voltage Accuracy: ± (0.25 % rdg + 5 dgt)

• AC Voltage Ranges: 1000 mV, 10 V, 100 V, 750 V

• AC Voltage Accuracy: up to ± (1.2 % rdg + 10 dgts)

• DC Current Ranges: 100 μA, 1000 μA, 10 mA, 100 mA, 400 mA, 10 A

• DC Current Accuracy: ± (0.5 % rdg + 5 dgts)

• AC Current Ranges: 100 μA, 1000 μA, 10 mA, 100 mA, 400 mA, 10 A

• AC Current Accuracy: up to ± (1.5 % rdg + 10 dgts)

• Resistance Ranges: 1000 Ω, 10 kΩ, 100 kΩ, 1000 kΩ, 10 MΩ, 40 MΩ

• Resistance Accuracy: up to ± (0.5 % rdg + 8 dgts)

• Temperature Range: -4 °F to 2372 °F

• Temperature Accuracy: up to ± (1.0 % rdg + 6 °F)

• Capacitance Ranges: 40 nF, 400 nF, 4 μF, 40 μF, 400 μF

• Capacitance Accuracy: up to ± (3.0 % rdg + 5 dgts)

• Frequency Ranges: 100 Hz, 1000 Hz, 10 kHz, 100 kHz, 1000 kHz, 10 MHz

• Frequency Accuracy: ± (0.1 % rdg + 5 dgts)

• Duty cycle, dBm and 4 to 20 mA loop current test

• Continuity: Audible Indication < 40 W

• Diode Test current: 0.5 mA (approximate)

• Overload protection

• CAT IV 600 V safety rating

Supplied with

• Test leads (TL36A)
• Temperature adapter (TA-1)
• Probe -Type K T/C (TP255A)
• 9V Battery
• Magne-Grip holster
• Spare fuse
• Manual

Multimeter TypeHandheld
Absolute Maximum AC Current Measurement10A ac
Absolute Maximum DC Current Measurement10A dc
Absolute Maximum AC Voltage Measurement750V ac
Absolute Maximum DC Voltage Measurement1000V dc
Absolute Maximum Resistance Measurement40MΩ
Absolute Maximum Capacitance Measurement400µF
Absolute Maximum Temperature Measurement+1300°C
Functions MeasuredAC Current, AC Voltage, Capacitance, Continuity, DC Current, DC Voltage, Decibel, Diode, Duty Cycle, Frequency, Resistance, Temperature
True RMSYes
Maximum Frequency2kHz
Display TypeLCD
Model Number p38XRA
AC Current Measurement Resolution0.01µA ac
DC Current Measurement Resolution0.01µA dc
DC Voltage Measurement Resolution100µV dc
Resistance Measurement Resolution100mΩ
AC Voltage Measurement Resolution100µV ac
Temperature Measurement Resolution1°C
Capacitance Measurement Resolution10pF
Safety Category LevelCAT III, CAT IV
Maximum Operating Temperature+45°C
Dimensions196 x 96 x 60mm
Best Resistance Measurement Accuracy±2% + 10 Digits
Best Temperature Measurement Accuracy±2% + 2 °C
Best DC Voltage Accuracy±0.25% + 5 Digits
Best AC Voltage Accuracy±2% + 10 Digits
Best Capacitance Measurement Accuracy±3% + 5 Digits
Minimum Operating Temperature0°C
Battery Life150 h
Battery Type9V
Safety Category Voltage600 V, 1000 V
Best DC Current Accuracy±1.5% + 10 Digits
Best AC Current Accuracy±2.5% + 10 Digits