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RE523-LF, Single Sided 37-Way Edge Eurocard PCB FR4 With 37 x 57 1mm Holes, 2.54 x 2.54mm Pitch, 160 x 100 x 1.5mm

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Stripboard RE52x

European size (160 ´ 100 mm)
Printed circuit boards made from FR2 laminated paper (HP), coated with solder mask
FR4 epoxy circuit boards (LF), lead-free, tin-plated
Material thickness 1.5 mm
35 μm copper laminate
Hole pattern 2.54 ´ 2.54 mm
Continuous conductor tracks with hole Ø 1 mm
Grid for various multiple contact strips depending on the design

DIN Type Stripboards

Suitable for use with the KM6-II eurocard sub-rack systems

The double-sided microboards are designed for microprocessor applications where compatibility, flexibility, high density and screening are of prime importance. VCC rails and a VCC bus are provided but not connected, so that individual rails may be committed as required. 64//96-way DIN 41612 indirect edge connectors may be fitted at either end.
The 3U (100x160) and 6U (233.4x160) boards are available with plated through holes (pth) as an alternative to the standard types. These boards have the added advantage of linking the top with the bottom pads directly via the holes, thereby dispensing with the need to fit linking pins, etc. Also the integrity of the joint is improved as the solder forms round the component lead on both surfaces, in addition to flowing through the hole. This helps to produce a solid and reliable connection, which is very important in applications where a high degree of vibration may be encountered.
Eurocards are manufactured from either epoxy glass material (blue) to BS4584 Part 3 or 16, or SRBP (synthetic resin bonded paper) material to BS4584 Part 5. Card thickness is 1.6mm. Copper 305g/m2 (1oz/ft2). Holes 1.0mm (0.040in.) dia. are pre-drilled on a 2.54mm matrix and all cards can be used with indirect edge connectors to DIN41612 (see Connectors/Terminals) except SRBP stripboard.


Single-sided microboards have the same wiring pattern as the double-sided types, but omit the ground plane and 0 Volt rails on the component side of the card.

Base MaterialEpoxy Glass Fabric Laminate
Number of Sides1
Dimensions160 x 100 x 1.5mm
Copper Thickness35µm
Hole Diameter1mm
Hole Layout37 x 57
Hole Pitch2.54 x 2.54mm
Connection37-Way Edge
FR Material GradeFR4