• RS-stocknr. 155-355
  • Fabrikant Aico
  • Fabrikantnummer EI166RC
Aico Smoke Alarm

Optical Smoke Alarm

Intended for wireless use with the other RadioLINK products in this range, however can also be used alone. It meets all regulations and code of practice for smoke alarm installations and systems.

Optical (photoelectric) sensor with large volume chamber and large high sensitivity photodiode. Insect resistant fine mesh screen with holes less than 0.030 inches
Automatic self-test feature tests the chamber every 40 seconds and unit bleeps if degraded
Responds quickly to fast flaming fires
Designed to minimise the risk of nuisance alarms, thus avoiding alarms being disabled
230V AC mains power supply with built in tamper proof rechargeable lithium cells which have a lifespan of 10 years
Easi-fit built in surface mounting plate, with integral terminal block and cable cover
Encased horn assembly gives a minium sound output of 85dB(A) at 3 metres
Cells are soldered for reliable long term connection
Terminals are laser welded for reliability
Radio control function allows testing, alarm hush and fire locate from an accessible switch position
LED mains indicator
Warning signal to indicate low power cell
Ambient temperature range : 0 to 40°C
Dust cover fitted
Dimensions : 140mm diameter x 54mm depth


BSI Kitemark to indicate type testing to BS 5446: Pt. 1 : 2000. Meets the requirements of Grade D (and exceeds the requirements of Grades E and F) as defined in BS 5839: Pt. 6 : 2004. CE mark to indicate conformance to Low Voltage and Electromagnetic Compatibilty Directives.

Wireless Fire Alarm System

Interconnecting mains powered smoke alarms is essential to provide the earliest possible warning of a fire. By using wireless signals with the RadioLINK products in this range to interconnect smoke alarms, it is simpler and more convenient than using the conventional hard wired system. It is also easier to extend or change the system when required. The use of radio interconnection in Grade D alarm systems means that it is now much easier to comply with the extended alarm coverage recommended in BS 5839: Pt.6: 2004. As a guide, 30m should be the maximum distance between any of the alarms in the system.

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Stand-Alone Smoke Alarm, Battery Powered
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    RS-stocknr. 155-355
    Omschrijving Aico Smoke Alarm
    Merk Aico
    Fabrikantnummer EI166RC
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