Float Switch Vertical Mount

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If you are looking for a reliable way to control sensitive liquids, then our range of float switches from Cynergy3 is an economical and efficient choice. We offer float switches which are easy to install in tanks and hard to reach places and comes with low maintenance.

What is a float switch?

A float switch is the type of level sensor, a gadget to recognize the level of fluid inside a tank. The switch might be utilized to control a pump, as a pointer, a caution, or to control different gadgets. It consists of reed switch and a pivoted magnet and can be used for normally open (N/O) or normally closed (N/C) operation. The switch action can be reversed rotating the switch through 180°.

Features and Benefits

• Internal mount with an 1/8" NPT tapered thread
• 10 bar max working pressure
• Reversible switch action
• The switch action may be reversed by removing the float, inverting and refitting it
• High bouyancy float (0.55 SG)
• Maximum temperature 120 °C

Guide how to choose the correct float switch

One of the most reliable, well-demonstrated technologies for fluid level detecting is float switch. This sort of switch involves a magnet contained inside a float, and also an attractive reed switch contained inside a settled housing. The movement of float, due to changing fluid level, will cause the reed change to work (for instance close or open) at specific level. This trusted and tried technology depends on a generally straightforward plan that offers long haul quality without the requirement for the client to calibrate a switch.

There are different methods available how to choose a float switch for particular application, here are the main factors to consider:

Physical arrangement and style

The choice of styles depends on the physical arrangement of the tank, availability of mounting positions and whether there is an access inside of the tank.
Fundamental styles are horizontal / side mounting and vertical mounting. Horizontal / side mounting has a fixed housing, which you can find on the wall of a tank and it has got a hinged float attached to the fixed housing. Vertical usually have a fixed vertical stem and that is installed at the top or bottom of the tank.

Material selection

It is very important to choose a float switch that is made from right materials, which are compatible with the liquids and temperatures of the chosen application. While using incorrect material it can resolve in damaging of the component as well as failure of a float switch.

Material types:

• Nylon – used for oils, diesel, organic chemicals and MEK (methylethylketon) based printing inks
• Polypropylene (PP) – acids and alkali, detergents, oils, water, organic chemicals
• Polyphenylene sulphide (PPS) – used for more aggressive chemicals, and higher temperatures, up to 120ºC
• Stainless steel – medical and food industries, hydraulic fluids, chemicals, and environments with high temperatures up to 135ºC
• Buna/Nitrophyl – diesel, oil, petrol and water (stationary applications)
• D300 foam (PVC) – mostly for hydraulic oils and chemical solutions


You need to fully understand what is the nature of the load that requires to be switched and make sure that the float switch is adequate for holding your load. The electrical ratings, which we provide in specifications are resistive loads.


In areas where harsh liquids may spill onto external wiring, it is important to underline particular materials for the cables in connection to the float switches. You can either use standard, UL-approved cable types for the range of float switches, as well as high temperature, low smoke zero halogen (LSZL) and other specialised materials.

Supplied with

1 mtr Long lead wires

Kenmerk Waarde
Device Type Float
Mounting Type Vertical
Switch Output NO/NC
Body Material Stainless Steel
Cable Length 1m
Minimum Operating Temperature -20°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +120°C
Maximum Current 700 mA
Maximum Pressure 30bar
16 op voorraad - levertijd is 1 werkdag(en) (EU-voorraad)
277 op voorraad - levertijd is 2 werkdag(en) (UK-voorraad)
Prijs Each
(excl. BTW)
(incl. BTW)
Aantal stuks
Per stuk
1 - 4
€ 78,13
5 - 9
€ 75,72
10 +
€ 73,26
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