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Analog Devices LTC2641CMS8-16#PBF, Serial DAC, 8-Pin MSOP

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Analog Devices
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Digital to Analogue Converters 16 Bit, Linear Technology

The Linear Technology range of digital to analog converters includes voltage output DACs, multiplying current output D-A Converters and special-function digital to analogue converters. This product family comes in a 16-bit Resolution and offers single channel to multichannel with serial SPI or I2C or parallel interfaces. Special features on some include software selectable output spans (SoftSpan), power-on-reset to zero-scale, mid-scale or Hi-Z options and integrated high precision references.

The 16-bit high precision Current Output digital to analog converter series let you choose an external amplifier they do not depend upon the reference being buffered like Voltage Output Rail to Rail DAC types which demonstrate high linearity. The SoftSpanTM feature allows software selectable output spans eliminating the need to add precision gain stages and the associated external jumpers, precision resistors, and amplifier circuitry. Integrated precision resistors allow reference inversion, bipolar offset, offset and gain adjustment.

The Voltage Output buffered and un-buffered rail-to-rail D-A Converter work well in a wide range of open-loop or closed-loop systems, adjusting gain, offset and many other signals. As well as the VOUT DAC un-buffered low glitch that makes them ideal for AC applications such as waveform generation.

· DC performance (INL, DNL, Offset and Gain error)
· AC performance (fast settling time, low glitch impulse and crosstalk)
· Low power consumption
· Rail to rail types
· Micropower DAC versions
· Supported by demo system and evaluation software
· Evaluate the performance of the D-A Converter with QuikEval data acquisition and analysis software

Digital to Analogue Converters - Linear Technology

Resolution16 bit
Number of DAC Channels1
Digital Interface TypeSerial (SPI/Microwire)
Mounting TypeSurface Mount
Package TypeMSOP
Power Supply TypeSingle
Typical Single Supply Voltage2.7 → 5.5 V
Pin Count8
Maximum Settling Time1µs
Output PolarityBipolar
Maximum Operating Temperature+70 °C
Minimum Operating Temperature0 °C
Dimensions3 x 3 x 1mm
Integral Nonlinearity Error±2LSB