RS PRO Steel Ball-Pein Hammer, 528g

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RS PRO Ball Pein Hammer

Introducing ball pein hammers from RS PRO, a selection of lightweight yet highly durable hand tools ideal for a range of applications including shaping, peening and striking a wide variety of materials and tools.

This range of ball pein hammers feature a steel wedge fixed head manufactured from special tool steel, providing a highly durable and reliable head that can withstand extensive use without chipping or deteriorating. The head is comprised of two induction hardened striking faces with a flat side ideal for striking tools such chisels and punches and a rounded ball face perfect for rounding off pins, fastenings, closing rivets and more. The head is accompanied by a high quality ashwood handle, offering excellent shock absorbance and durability minimising injury when striking.

Features and Benefits

• ISO 15601, TS 5-2
• Steel wedge fixed head
• Special tool steel construction offering excellent durability
• Ashwood handle offering high impact and shock absorbance
• Induction hardened striking faces with flat and rounded sides
• Versatile hammer to suit a range of applications


A ball-peen hammer is sometimes known as a machinist's hammer, due to its common use in metalworking. As the pein hammer's head is hardened, its striking face is harder than a standard claw hammer, they are more suited to driving chisels and rivets, and were traditionally used for hardening metal by impact in metal fabrication processes. The ball end of the hammer is suitable for more controlled 'glancing blows' where precision is needed, such as expanding metal to work out dents.

The ball pein hammer is useful for

• Peening rivets
• Metal forging
• Jewellery making
• Removing dents
• Striking punches


Special tool steel, induction hardened striking faces
Handle protector, ashwood handle, steel wedge fixed head
For use on cold chisels, punches, rivets and shaping metal
Can also be used as a general purpose hammer

What sizes are available?

This range of RS PRO ball pein hammers are available in either:

• 8 oz - RS Stock No. 1923682
• 16 oz - RS Stock No. 1923683

Is the head interchangeable?

This range of RS PRO ball pein hammers feature fixed steel wedge heads that are non-removable.

What is the difference between ball-pein and cross-pein?

Cross-pein refers to the head horizontal to the handle, typically used by blacksmiths to stretch material with lateral expansion. A ball-pein has a round head used for hammering and shaping sheet metal, rounding off the edges or closing rivets.

What is the advantage of hickory wood handles?

Hickory is ideal for high-impact short-handled tools, as it is rigid and shock absorbing ensuring excellent user comfort and control. Tools with a hickory shaft are very durable and offer excellent impact resistance.

Kenmerk Waarde
Hammer Type Ball-Pein Hammer
Head Material Steel
Handle Material Wood
Overall Length 350.0 mm
Weight 528g
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€ 26,54
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