FTDI Chip USB to RS485 Adapter Board, USB-COM485-Plus1

  • RS-stocknr. 687-7746
  • Fabrikantnummer USB-COM485-Plus1
  • Fabrikant FTDI Chip
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The USB-COM-PLUS modules provide a simple method of adapting legacy serial devices with RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 interfaces to modern USB ports.

Versions Available:

(687-7730) USB-COM232-Plus1 - USB to RS232 Adapter
(687-7749) USB-COM232-Plus2 - USB to Dual RS232 Adapter
(687-7742) USB-COM232-Plus4 - USB to Quad RS-232 Adapter
(687-7752) USB-COM422-Plus1 - USB to RS422 Adapter
(687-7761) USB-COM422-Plus2 - USB to Dual RS422 Adapter
(687-7764) USB-COM422-Plus4 - USB to Quad RS422 Adapter
(687-7746) USB-COM485-Plus1 - USB to RS485 Adapter
(687-7755) USB-COM485-Plus2 - USB to Dual RS485 Adapter
(687-7758) USB-COM485-Plus4 - USB to Quad RS-485 Adapter

The FTDI Chip USB-COM485-Plus1 is a USB to RS485 adapter board. It provides a straight-forward way to convert older devices with as RS485 interface to more up-to-date USB ports. The USB-COM485-Plus1 features RS485 level shifters and the FT232R USB-Serial bridge IC which enables the conversion.

There are 3 LEDs on the USB-COM485-Plus1. A yellow LED indicates when the board is configured and ready. A green LED represents TxD activity when the data is transmitted to the RS485. Finally, there is a red LED which is for the same but with RxD activity.

What connectors are on-board?
1 x 12Mbps USB type B 2.0 male connector
1 x DE-9P male connector
Note: it works with USB 1.1 and 2.0 host and hub ports

What is the maximum data rate?
The maximum RS485 level data rate is 3Mbps.

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Interface Function USB to RS485
Kit Classification Adapter Board
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