ON Semiconductor CAT4101AEVB, LDO Current Sink LED Driver Evaluation Board for CAT4101TV-T75 for LDO Current Sink

Wetgeving en compliance

The CAT4101 is a low dropout current sink capable of driving strings of high-brightness LEDs up to 1A. The current sink is programmed by a single resistor from the RSET pin to GND. Enable and dimming control is available via the EN/PWM pin. A six pin header receptacle is available to connect strings of LED modules. If LED modules are not available, a separate LED string can be used by connecting the cathode end to the LED test point.

Kenmerk Waarde
LED Technology LED Driver
Kit Classification Evaluation Board
For Use With LDO Current Sink
Featured Device CAT4101TV-T75
Kit Name LDO Current Sink
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