RS PRO 22mm High Pressure Ball Valve Brass 2 Way

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RS PRO Dezincification-resistant 1/4 Turn Manual Brass Ball Valve

RS PRO quarter-turn manual ball valves feature a dual sealing system that allows the valve to be operated in either direction making installation easier. Manual ball valves are used to operate shut off valves which control water flow and pressure. With no metal-to-metal moving parts and a chrome plated ball, the RS PRO manual valves provide simple shut-off functionality for a range of applications such as drinking water, water and plumbing. The manual turn lever can be operated in either direction and features indicating arrows to clearly show the position of the ball and flow of media within the valve. Suitable for domestic water services, heating and air-conditioning plants and compressed air systems.

Specifically designed to reduce the risk and rate of dezincification in areas of hard water or where the acidity or alkalinity of water is high. These ball valves are made of dezincification resistant brass, or DZR brass, providing exceptional resistance to corrosion.

Ball valves can be used for air, gases, water, steam, chemicals, petrochemical products, etc. These valves are simple to use, you move the handle by a quarter of a turn to open or close the valve.

RS PRO have a great range of brass ball valves for the control of flow which can handle various pressures and high temperatures.

Available in various sizes and types of handles:
486-293 - Brass Reduced Bore 2 Way, lever handle ball valve, 15 mm
486-299 - Brass Reduced Bore 2 Way, tee handle ball valve,15 mm
486-306 - Brass High Pressure 2 Way, lever handle ball valve,22 mm
486-378 - Brass Manual 2 Way, tee handle ball valve,22 mm
486-344 - Brass High Pressure 2 Way, lever handle ball valve, 28 mm
486-300 - Brass High Pressure 2 Way, tee handle ball valve, 28 mm

Features and Benefits:

Chrome plated brass ball for longer life
Compression fitting connection type
Handle clearly shows ball position
Travel stops on the body to avoid stress at the stem
The dual sealing system allows the valve to be operated in either direction
No metal-to-metal moving parts
No maintenance ever required
ISO 6509 dezincification resistance laboratory test
Operating Temperature: -20°C (-4°F)/+120°C (+250°F)
Working Pressure: 16 Bar (230 PSI)

Typical Applications

Manual quarter turn ball valves are available in various sizes to meet a range of applications. They feature a manual hand lever and can be made from brass, stainless steel and plastic. Ball valves are popular as they are reliable and durable and still close securely over long periods making them suitable for shutoff and control applications.

Applications include:
Heating systems
Water treatment
Liquid flow control


How does a manual ball valve work?
A ball valve is a type of shut off valve that controls the flow of liquids or gases by its rotary ball. The valve is open when the ball’s hole is in line with the flow and closed when the ball is rotated by a quarter turn (90 degrees) by the valve handle.

What is the difference between full bore and reduced bore ball valves?
A full-bore ball valve (also known as full port) has an oversized ball so that the hole in the ball is the same size as the pipeline resulting in lover friction loss. In other words, the bore diameter has the same internal diameter as the pipe. A reduced bore valve has a smaller bore diameter than the internal diameter of the pipework it is on.


Approvals apply to specific configurations only


KIWA-Swedcert (Sweden)
GOST-R (Russia)
Expert Conclusion (Russia)
EAC Conforming (Russia)
UkrSepro (Ukraine)
RoHS Compliant


  • Freezing of the fluid in the installation may severely damage the valve
Kenmerk Waarde
Attachment Type Compression
Body Material Brass
Compression Fitting Size 22mm
Thread Size 22mm
Safe for Use With Gas, Oil, Petrol, Water
Maximum Working Pressure 16 bar
Connection Size mm 22mm
Type 2 Way
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