6 ° Mercury Tilt Switch, 250 mA, 60V

  • RS-stocknr. 235-7617
  • Fabrikantnummer CM1706-1
  • Fabrikant Assemtech
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Land van herkomst: US

Tip-Over Switches

Operates when the switch is tilted from the vertical position. The angle through which the switch has to move before operating is called the operating angle
Steel tin plated housing
Inert gas and hermetic sealing protects contacts


Mercury Tilt, Vibration & Movement

Glass and metal bodied versions offer bounce-free switching and quick break action even when tilted slowly. Contacts make and break with vibration motion and return to the open state at rest. Unless otherwise stated, the angle by which the switch must be tilted to ensure contact operation (operating angle), must be approximately 1.5 to 2 times the stated differential angle. The differential angle is the measure from the “just closed” position to the “just open” position. Inert gas and hermetic sealing protects contacts


  • Mercury is a toxic substance. Do not cut open or incinerate these devices. Dispose of safely in accordance with prescribed practice and local regulations.
Kenmerk Waarde
Differential Angle 6 °
Maximum Current 250 mA
Maximum AC Voltage 60V
Terminal Type Wire Lead
Contact Resistance
Diameter 15 mm
Length 11.12mm
Minimum Operating Temperature -37°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +100°C
Dimensions 11.12 x 15.37 mm
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