100 W E54 Diffused Metal Halide Lamp, E27 Elliptical Enclosed Fitting, 8600 lm, 40000h

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Twin ARC Pulse Start Metal Halide Lamps

These Twin ARC metal halide lamps from Venture Lighting deliver twice the rated life of many regular pulse start lamps. By combining lamp efficacies of up to 105 lumens per Watt with a rated life of up to 40000 hours, this lamp is ideal for lighting applications where maintenance access is difficult or costly.

40000 hour life
Available in 70-400Watts
Excellent maintained lumens of 80%
Ultimate retrofit solution
Significant maintenance cost savings

Metal Halide

These lamps produce a clear white light and are suitable for display or floodlighting, where the heat output from tungsten halogen lamps would create a problem. Metal Halide Lamps have an efficiency approx. 4 times higher than halogen lamps and xenon lamps. In addition, the short-arc type is similar to a point light source, making optical design easy. As their colour temperature characteristics are similar to daylight colour, exact colours (RGB) can be reproduced. They can also be used for both high bay and low bay applications.,Compared to High Pressure Mercury lamps, Metal Halide lamps offer greater efficiencies and, compared to high pressure sodium (SON) lamps, they have similar advantages, but have different output characteristics. A disadvantage of metal halide lamps, when compared to SON lamps, is that they have a shorter service life.

Kenmerk Waarde
Lamp Type E54
Wattage 100 W
Lamp Base E27
Lamp Shape Elliptical
Fitting Type Enclosed
Mounting Orientation Universal
Internal Ignitor Yes
Length 141 mm
Colour Temperature 3700K
Lamp Finish Diffused
Colour Rendering 70
Luminosity 8600 lm
Life Hours 40000h
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€ 34,71
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