Actuonix PQ12 Micro Linear Actuator, 20% Duty Cycle, 12V dc, 10mm/s, 20mm

  • RS-stocknr. 918-1307
  • Fabrikantnummer PQ12-100-12-S
  • Fabrikant Actuonix
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PQ12 Series Linear Actuators

The PQ12 series miniature linear actuators from Actuonix are a unique line of actuators designed for a new generation of motion‐enabled products. Never before seen in a device of this size, these tiny linear actuators are an excellent alternative to designing your own push/pull mechanisms. The PQ12 actuators are complete, self-contained linear motion devices with position feedback for sophisticated position control. Simply apply a DC voltage to extend the actuator, and reverse the polarity to retract it. Several gear ratios and voltage options are available to give you varied speed/force configurations. Lower gear reduction ratios are faster but push less force, and conversely.

Option S – End of Stroke Limit Switches

The S actuators have limit switches that turn off power when the actuator reaches within 1 mm of the end of stroke. The S model cannot be used with the LAC control board.

Option P – Potentiometer Position Feedback

The P actuators do not have a built-in controller but do provide analogue position feedback. Connect to an LAC board for easy interface with any of the following control signals: Analogue 0-5v or 4 mA to 20 mA, or digital 0-5v PWM, 1 ms to 2 ms Standard RC or USB.

Features and Benefits

• Compact miniature size
• Precise position feedback
• Simple control
• Low voltage
• Equal push/pull force
• Easy mounting

Application Information

Ideal for use in many applications including, robotics, consumer appliances, toys, RC vehicles, automotive and industrial automation.

Micro Linear Actuators

Kenmerk Waarde
Series PQ12
Maximum Speed No Load 10mm/s
Maximum Stroke Length 20mm
Maximum Force Lifting 50N
Input Voltage 12V dc
Duty Cycle 20%
IP Rating IP54
Weight 15g
Control S - Limit Switch
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